Add Your NinjaTrader Products

Add Your NinjaTrader Products

Sell your NinjaTrader products or services on Trading Mods for free! We provide the service of attracting NinjaTrader traders and showcasing an array of useful tools and products which are designed to improve their trading. Let us market your products for you to generate more exposure and more sales.

Along With Product Listings, You Get

Have your product/s announced and promoted on our Twitter account.

Have your product/s featured on our newsletter

Have your product/s showcased on our YouTube account and video feeds.

Have your product/s reviewed or showcased in our article archives.

How does it work?

We will list your product within the website for free for you to gain more exposure for your NinjaTrader offerings. For the management of website and listings as well as marketing, we receive a small fixed fee for all sales made though our website.

  1. You provide the supporting media documents you would like about your product including pictures, videos and information regarding your product. We do not need your actual product files.
  2. You will be immediately notified when somebody has purchased your product.
  3. Once the purchase has been made you will send the appropriate product/s to the purchaser and activate any necessary licenses.
  4. All funds will be held for 30 days after the purchase has been made for any possibility of refund or dispute requests.
  5. Funds will then be transferred directly into your account via PayPal after the 30 day period has passed.

It’s that easy! Ready to sell with us? Contact us today.

Fixed Sale Fee

For each sale of your product/s Trading Mods will deduct a fixed percentage of the total sale price based on the cost of product/s sold.

$1 – $299 = 22.5%
$300 – $699 = 17.5%
$700 – $999 = 15%
$1000+ = 12.5%

Need more exposure?

As well as offering free product listings, we also offer various additional tools to help get the most eyes on your products such as premium listings and featured listings on the website home page.

Premium listings will stand out from other product listings by being listed at the top and differently colored for the designated category that the product is listed in. Each premium listing is $40 per month and is limited to 4 per category.

Featured listings will be showcased on the main page of the website. There will be a maximum of 5 featured products listed at any given time. The price for a featured listing is $170 per month.

List your products on Trading Mods today!